India Campbell-Hall is a young communications professional and writer who is studying modern foreign languages at university (spanish, french and mandarin chinese). She has volunteered and studied in Nicoya (Costa Rica) at the ostional sea turtle conservation and had spanish classes for two weeks from Monday-Friday, she has volunteered in Chengdu China at the panda conservation, spoke in Mandarin in front of the chinese student body about her time at Shanxi university and has also studied in Lyon, France at L’Universit√© Catholique de Lyon. She has been attending the Portsmouth Chinese sunday school for years and was a student at Stagecoach performing arts school for five years, studying singing, dancing and acting, she has grade 4 LAMDA speaking verse and prose, grade 3 classical singing and came second at the singing music festival when she had only recently taken up classical singing lessons.

She has been a guest star on the radio show “Write On” and has published an article about her book “Little Brown Mouse” for the Magazine Younger Performer. She has HSK 4 and an A* in Mandarin Chinese and completed her Duke of Edinburgh Gold. At college, she did French, Spanish and Philosophy for her first year and then switched from Philosophy to English language and literature with a core creative writing, gothic literature and poetry unit. She knew since the age of four that she was destined to become an author and work with a innovative team using her multicultural understanding, cultural sensitivity, international networking, interpersonal skills, excellent public speaking, foreign language skills, creative writing and problem solving capabilities. She has been a volunteer at The Rowans Hospice charity clothes and was a previous mentor to a seven year old boy from China to help him navigate a new culture and country.